Electric Car Charging Home Installation Walsall

EVAA can provide and install our UK manufactured home EV charge points. Our Walsall based OLEV approved installers can visit your home to install our OLEV approved chargers and complete an installation within 4 hours.

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Electric Car Charging Home Walsall

Do you need an electric car charging point at home in Walsall?

We have local EV home charger installers in Walsall and we are the largest electric vehicle charger installation company in the West Midlands. With electric vehicles set to take over from petrol and diesel vehicles now is the time to install your domestic electric car charging point at home.

Each OLEV charge point that you have installed qualifies for the £350 OLEV grant and therefore reduces the cost of the installation by £350. If you are ready to talk to one of our team about your home electric charging point installation then please email Installation@Evaa.app

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Our OLEV Approved Chargers Cover All Vehicle Types

If you are looking for a EV charge point in Walsall that covers a massive range of vehicles then EVAA’s charge points will be the solution for you. EV Charger Installation & Electric Charging by Evaa.

EV Charger Installation Walsall

How much does an electric car charger installation cost in Walsall?

A fully installed home ev charging point costs from £449 with the government OLEV grant. All electric car drivers in Walsall can benefit from an OLEV grant of £350 for buying and installing an EV home charger Once a home electric vehicle charge point has been installed you only pay the cost of the electricity you use to charge your car. The most efficient way to charge your car is to leave it on charge over night as the charge per kWh is lower than when charging your car during the day. You should check with your Walsall energy provider to find out your kWh tariffs Once you have your charger installed you can also use the Evaa app to find an Evaa charge point while on the move.

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OCPP Software
Electric Car Charging Home Walsall

How to get an electric car charging point installed at home in Walsall

All EV charge points need to be installed by a professional OLEV approved installer. One of the EVAA team will need to talk to you about where you would like the EV charger installed at your Walsall home and how easy it easy to gain access to this area. Installation Process: Discuss with a member of the Evaa installation team where the charge point needs to be installed at your Walsall home. Home charge points are usually install on an exterior wall or garage near to where you park the car over night. This would also need to be in good distance to your mains electricity supply. Home EV installations usually take about 4 hours to complete but this depends on where you wish the charge point to be installed and the ease of access to this area for our installation team Once you have agreed an installation date & paid for for your charge point and installation we will book in an installation date. The Evaa support team will call you 24 hours before your installation date to remind you of the details On the day of the installation we always advise you being in so we can make sure the charge point is installed in a convenient and neat location and we can demonstrate how to charge your car and answer any questions you have Once the charge point is installed you can behind to charge your car and also download the Evaa mobile app.

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EV Charger Installation Walsall

We are OLEV approved installers in Walsall

When it comes to electric vehicle home charging the OLEV Grant is a grant provided by the government for electric car home chargers, OLEV stands for the department that looks after the grants - Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). The OLEV Grant is worth upto £350 off the costs of purchasing and installing an electric vehicle home charger from an OLEV approved installer. The grant is available for nearly all types of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The electric vehicle doesn’t have to be new for the grant to qualify. Currently you can claim for an electric charge point for each electric vehicle with a limit of 2 electric vehicles per household. There is also a grant that can be claimed for the same amount (£350) for public & commercial EV charge points and the limit for this type of electric charger is upto 40 sockets. There are some eligibility criteria to qualify for the OLEV Grant and these are as follows: You must of purchased or own an electric vehicle or leased one for longer than 6 months For home charging the electric vehicle must be parked on an off-street parking space You must use an OLEV approved installer like EVAA To claim the grant you simply need to fill out our OLEV order form and the EVAA team will claim the grant on your behalf so we do all the hard work.

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Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

Download our EV charger mobile app

In the app you can find a Ev charging point near you in Walsall & login and make payment for your electric vehicle charge. You can also manage your home charge point through our application. My Chargers Manage your charge points via the app Home & Commercial Manage your home charger and use commercial chargers all in one app Scheduling Use the mobile app to schedule a charge at home or while out Location Search Search for a nearby charge point wherever your location Charge Point Details Locate the best tariff charge point near to you or on your journey Payments Control your payment details for when you're charging away from home.

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Loving my new charger!
Louise Smith
Saving so much money compared to using diesel, thanks for the installation guys!
David Holmes
Being able to use the app to find different charge points is great
Hayle Baker
Really happy with the product, really helpful team
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EV Charger Installation Walsall

EV Charger Installation Near Me Walsall

If you are looking for an EV home charger installation in Walsall then look no further than EVAA. Our OLEV approved installers cover all areas in Walsall and the EVAA team will even handle the OLEV grant application process for you. Our installation team are local to you in Walsall and they know the area well. Our electric vehicle chargers are expertly designed, cost effective and state of the art. Installing a car charger at home in Walsall could not be easier then when you use the EVAA team.

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Electric cars are very economical to run. On average an electric car costs as little as 2p per mile to charge, compared to an efficient Diesel car at 10/11p per mile you can see there is massive savings to be gained.

You need to check that your car is compatible with the EV charger you are purchasing. Our electric vehicle chargers are compatible with almost all electric vehicles available on the UK market.

In theory you can plug your electric car into a standard charging cable at home (sometimes referred to as a “slow charger”) however before you go ahead and do this there are a number of things to consider. First of all you will need to make sure the cable can reach your vehicle, secondly you will need a qualified electrician / electric vehicle charger installer to confirm that the socket and wiring is capable of such a hire power draw and thirdly you will need to consider the time it will take to charge your car with a slow charger on average using this method will take 8 hours to charge a range of 100 miles.

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle depends on the size of the battery in your vehicle and the speed of the chargepoint you are using. The time difference can range from as little as 30 minutes or as long as 12 hours. If you are looking for specifics for your vehicle and our chargers then please contact us and a member of our service team will be able to help you out further.

You can charge your electric car at any time throughout the day & night as the electric vehicle chargepoint will be available 24/7. Most people take advantage of the lower energy tariffs at night and charge their electric cars while they sleep.

You can set your electric vehicle charge point to be used by anyone you wish. However please be aware that the charge for the electricity used will appear on your next electricity bill and not theirs!

We can have you up and running in as little as 4 hours. However it really depends on where you want the electric car charge point to be installed. You will need to speak to one of our service team who can discuss things further for you before we visit your premises to make the installation.

Using our mobile application you can schedule your electric car charge at any time throughout the day and night. For more features of our app please download the app from the iOS or Android app stores.

Our app is free of charge to download and use to manage your home electric vehicle charge point. In the app you can manage your charge point users, see usage stats, schedule chargers and much more. You can also use the application to find electric vehicle chargers on the Evaa network while you are not at home. Evaa app users receive exclusive benefits when using an out of home electric vehicle charge point.