Native App

Find & use your charge points through your phone

Our user facing mobile app is available for download in both the Apple and Google Play app stores. Use the download links below to download the app today.


Manage your payments

Control your payment details for when you're charging away from home via our mobile application. Evaa’s payment processing system utilises the industry's highest security standards.

EV Chargepoint Details

Choose the best tariff

Utilise the app to locate & schedule a EV charge at the best tariff charge point near to you or on your journey. By clicking on a charge point in our network you will see what the tariff for each EV charge point has been set to.

Scheduling an EV Charge

Schedule at home

Use the mobile app to schedule a charge at home. Take advantage of cheap overnight electricity tariffs at home.

My EV Chargers

Home & Commercial Charging

The Evaa app supports public, workplace and home charging. Use the app to charge your vehicle if you are on the move, at home or at work.

No need to worry about payment

No need to worry about payment

No need to worry about payment

No need to worry about payment

No need to worry about payment

No need to worry about payment

Home & Commercial EV Charging

Charging when not at home

Utilise the Evaa app to search for charge points on the Evaa network in locations across the UK, plan your journey ahead and see where your nearest commercial charge point will be.

EV Charger Location Search

Search by your current location

Search for a nearby charge point wherever your location, find the nearest charge points to you or plan your route ahead. You can use our location search feature to search the whole of the UK via place name or postcode. Download today.

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