EV Charging Software

EV Charging Software Stourport on Severn

We work with businesses to establish, build & manage an electric vehicle charging network across the UK. Our software is OCPP compatible, user focussed and available today.

Charge point management software


Our industry leading software allows you to build and scale an electric vehicle charging network across the UK

Our EV charging software Stourport on Severn and mobile application has been designed and developed in the UK by our UK based team. Utilising OCPP 1.6 our software works for all electric chargepoints on the open charge point protocol.

EV Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring for EV Software Stourport on Severn

Get alerted when one of your charge points is down

If one of your charge points goes down or starts having issues Evaa’s uptime monitoring will alert you. Quickly identify charge points that are reliable and visualise historical uptime via graphs and statistics.

EV Charge Point Network Management Software Stourport on Severn

Remotely manage your electric vehicle charge point network

Keep an eye on how your electric vehicle charge points are doing remotely. View vital statistics for each EV charge point such as total charge time, energy consumption and revenue earned.

EV Charging Software Payments Stourport on Severn

Generate revenue with Secure Payment Processing

No need to worry about payment processing as Evaa has built in payment processing that is PCI-DSS Level 1 secure - the highest in the industry. Customers can add their payment method to the native app and pay for charging with zero hassle.

Reporting for EV Charging Software Stourport on Severn

Understand the key metrics of your charging network. Create the reports you need.

Evaa’s reporting feature allows you to look at historical charging data including energy consumption, total charging time and total revenue. Use the date filter to drill down into a specific time period or filter by a specific location. Once you have built the report you can export it as a PDF.

Repprting for EV Charging software
EV Uptime Monitoring

Remote Reboot Stourport on Severn

Reboot your charge point remotely

If you run into issues you can use our remote reset tool to reboot the charge point without an engineer having to be on site. This can save on unnecessary call outs and wasted time fixing something which can be done at the click of a button from anywhere.

OCPP Compatible 1.6

Different charge point hardware? No problem.

Evaa has industry standard OCPP compatibility including OCPP - Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6 JSON. Which is the most popular and widely used communication standard in the industry. Connect charge points from a variety of manufacturers and you can be sure they will all work with Evaa.

OCPP 1.6
EV Uptime Monitoring

Remote Firmware Update Stourport on Severn

Update your charge points firmware remotely

It’s important that your charge points run the latest firmware to ensure they are performing at their best. Evaa allows you to update the firmware remotely without an engineer having to visit the charge point.

User Management

All your users in one place

Our easy to use user management allows you to view your customers and your team from one simple interface. You are easily able to drill down into individual customers' information such as transaction history and vital statistics.

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EV Uptime Monitoring

Transactions & Logs

All your charging data in one place

All transactions and data is logged within our EV software so you can see everything that is taking place with your network. This includes uptime, payments, charge times and much more.

EV Charger Site management Stourport on Severn

Label and group all your different sites

Assign charge points to different groups and sites so you can how each site is performing. Monitor how profitable each site is or how many times the charge points are used on each site.

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EV Uptime Monitoring

Home & commercial

Manage all your charge point types in one place

Our software has been created to cater for both the home & commercial EV chargepoint markets. YOu can easily switch between monitoring your home network and your commercial network within the same account.

What We Do Best

Why Choose EVAA

UK Based Support Team

EVAA’s support team is based in the UK & ready to help.

UK Based Development Team

Developing the platform with in-house UK based developers.

Easy On-Boarding

We have made it super simple to on-board and get started with our software.

Modern Tech Stack

The very latest tech stack to future proof our software.

Feature Rich Software

Our software includes lots of features to manage your network.

Commitment to New Features

We love to build new features & are committed to continually develop our EV software.

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Ev Charging Mobile App

EVAA’s Mobile Application

Our EV mobile application has been designed and developed in the UK by our UK based team. Our mobile app is available to download from both the iOS and Android app stores.

EV Uptime Monitoring

My EV Chargers Stourport on Severn

Home & Commercial Chargepoint Management

Manage all your charge points via the app whether it be your home charge or if you have chargers at work or in commercial settings. Evaa’s app is set up for you to manage both your home and out of home charge points.

Home & Commercial EV Charging Stourport on Severn

Charging when not at home

Utilise the Evaa app to search for charge points on the Evaa network in locations across the UK, plan your journey ahead and see where your nearest commercial chargepoint will be.

EV Uptime Monitoring

Scheduling an EV Charge

Reserve your time & space

Use the mobile app to schedule a charge at home or while out on a drive. Reserve your time and take advantage of cheap overnight electricity tariffs at home or book a slot at a busy commercial charge point so you know your charge is guaranteed.

EV Charger Location Search

Search by your current location

Search for a nearby charge point wherever your location, find the nearest charge points to you or plan your route ahead. You can use our location search feature to search the whole of the UK via place name or postcode.

EV Uptime Monitoring

EV Chargepoint Details

Choose the best tariff

Utilise the app to locate & schedule a ev charge at the best tariff chargepoint near to you or on your journey. By clicking on a charge point in our network you will see what the tariff for each ev chargepoint has been set to.

EV Charge Payments

Manage your payments

Control your payment details for when you're charging away from home via our mobile application. Evaa’s payment processing system utilises the industry's highest security standards.

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